Voting for Light Wallet MiracleBox tokens and coins

Vote for your favorite tokens and coins. You can make multiple choices during this vote. Remember that you can only vote once. The system will not let you vote again. The minimum number of votes per coin to be approved is 500. All coins with this result will be added to our wallet without extra charge.Of course, part of the coins will be harder to support for us and will be added a little later, but we will contact with all of them. Our wallet will have optional Fiats accounts in the future, which means all coins who will join will have a chance to have a fiat gateway. We don't want to write too much now, but KYC will not be obligatory if You will not use Fiat accounts. Voting started and we turn off the possibility to add new coins to voting.Remember You can vote only one time
Coin and token with "APPROVED" will be added to the wallet automatically.