native tokens

Our new native tokens. The next step in preparing for the expansion of our system. It will allow the use of newly created Gemlink tokens together with Gemlink coins to support services that will be available on our blockchain.

How it's working

The method of creating tokens and their handling in relation to Gemlink coin is to prevent the inflation of coins and tokens available on the market. The amount of our Gemlink native tokens plus available Gemlink coins on market can’t exceed the balance of all mined Gemlink coins for a given period of time. To get a native token, You need to exchange your gemlink for a gemlink token on our Multi Token Gateway, which is a part of the Constellation lightweight wallet.

The gemlink coin converted into a token will be transferred to the vault and its use will be blocked. Blocked Gemlink can be only used back when returning from tokens to Gemlink coins. The same with our tokens, only tokens changed from gemlink coins will be available on market. Rest will be frozen. When You will change tokens on gemlink coins, these tokens will be frozen also.

Launching tokens will allow us to do two things. Opens new markets for Gemlink and divides token utility for planned services on Gemlink. Such as, for example, game support, WEB3, secure document and file storage, secure e-mail server and messenger. payment systems.

Gemlink coin

The total number of Gemlink coins that can be mined:
160 000 000 Glinks
Current mined Gemlink:
87563290 Glinks
Gemlink Coins blocked in treasure:
2223201.85 Glinks
Gemlinks available on the market with mns:
85340088.15 Glinks

Gemlink BNB token

The total number of tokens that can be produced:
160 000 000 Glinks
Tokens minted:
10000000 Glinks
Gemlink BNB Tokens blocked in treasure:
7776798.53 Glinks
Tokens available on the market:
2223201.47 Glinks

Gemlink ETH token


Gemlink MATIC token


Gemlink AVAX token